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Hi! I'm a boudoir and wedding photographer based out of Neenah, WI with a love for food, traveling and family!

Boudoir holds a special place in my heart. It really does!! For those that know me, you’d think I was always the way that I am. But…I have a secret. Once upon a time, I used to be this quiet, shy and unconfident girl with quite possibly the lowest self-esteem you could ever come to know. It was so hard for me to speak out, none the less, feel good about who I was. And it took someone close in my life to tell me how bad I had become for me to make a change. And not even in the loving way either…it was more of a “you are not so good and you’ll never amount to anything”…sort of a tear down speech. And that just proved that that wasn’t the person I wanted to be. So……I joined the military. HA! Yes…I’m not condoning that everyone should do that, however, I will say, it truly changed my life. I knew I had self confidence issues and doing this was the first step in taking control of who I wanted to be and leaving behind that very depressed girl.

I finally became the woman I always thought I’d want to be. A new found sense of self and happiness. And I want everyone woman out there to feel strong, confident and beautiful no matter what. It shouldn’t take something as dramatic as joining the military to knock it into you! You have it already and it just needs to be uncovered.

When I’m not out there helping other women find their confidence and strength in themselves, I can be found snuggling with my son…likely in my spongebob squarepants pajamas with a cup of my decaf chai tea. I love everything about being outdoors, hiking, running, volleyball and going for walks. If I time everything just right, I can even sneak out for some girl time and wine…yum…wine! Haha.